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Quaternary-tertiary lipoamine nanoparticle (QTsomeTM) is an innovative nanoscale gene delivery platform. QTsome TM is under exclusive license by WGI for the design of engineered drug delivery vehicles with precise control over delivery and drug release. The small size of QTsomeTM is able to leverage the natural physiological pathways for accumulation within diseased cells and then promote release in response to biological cues. QTsomeTM are particularly efficient for the delivery of nucleic acid based drugs such as oligonucleotides, messenger RNAs, micorRNAs, and siRNAs. Moreover, QTsomeTM have broad spectrum application for medical diagnostics and therapeutics.

lipsome structure.png

How it works

The pH sensitive nature of QTsomeTM make it amenable for the stable loading and tumor targeting of gene-based therapeutics through electrostatic interactions. By combining positively charged and conditionally ionizable lipids at a certain ratio, a pH-sensitive platform is formed, allowing for optimization of drug loading and precise intracellular drug release. Moreover a stealth and stabilizing coating on the QTsomeTM surface improves protection of the therapeutic or imaging agent.

Figure 1.png

What sets QTsomeTM apart from other gene delivery systems?

Drug delivery vehicles must foremost be safe and effective to facilitate their clinical and commercial implementation. QTsome satisfies these prerequisites and is well poised to enter the clinic as a disruptive technology to challenge the paradigms set by market leaders.

Design & Development

  • Does not require drug substance modification

  • Amenable for passive and active targeting


  • Wide commercial availability of raw materials

  • Process robustness

  • Process scalability


  • Protection against degradation

  • Liver targeting

  • Cellular binding

  • Promotion of endosomal escape and efficacious drug delivery

  • Hepatic elimination

Legal & Finance

  • Low licensing fee

  • Low cost manufacture

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